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 D We said our good C  byes
 G Ah ! The  A  night before
 D Love was in your C  eyes
 G Ah ! The  A  night before
 Bm Now, today I'm  Gm  fine
 Bm You have changed your  Gm  mind
Tr D eat me like you  G did the night be D fore.    F      G 
Were you telling lies
Ah ! The night before
Was I so unwise
Ah ! The night before
When I held you near
You were so sincere
Treat me like you did the night before.
 A Last night is a night I will r G  emember you by
 Bm When I think of things we did, it  E makes me wann A  a cry.
We said...
When I held...
Last night...
Were you telling...
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