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Paroles et musique : Harrison George
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Intro : F   Eb   G 
 C Something in the way she Cmaj7/G  moves
 C7 Attracts me like no other  F  lover
 D7 Something in the way she  G  woos me
 Am I don't want to leave he Am(maj7)  r now
 Am7/G You know I believe a D9 nd how     F        Eb       G 
 C Somewhere in her smile she Cmaj7/G  knows
 C7 That I don't need no other  F  lover
 D7 Something in her style that  G  shows me
 Am I don't want to leave her Am(maj7)  now
 Am7/G You know I believe and h D9 ow         F      Eb       G      A 
 A You're asking m C#m/G# e will my love g F#m7 row       A 
I don't  D know,  G I don't k A  now
 A You stick aro C#m/G# und now it may s F#m7 how       A 
I don't  D know,  G I don't  C  know
 C Something in the way she  Cmaj7  knows
 C7 And all I have to do is  F  think of her
 D7 Something in the things sh G  e shows me
 Am I don't want to leave h Am(maj7)  er now
 Am7/G You know I believe and h D9  ow
 F   Eb   G   A 
 F   Eb   G   C 
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Dernière modification : 2014-06-09
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