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Intro : D   D   G   D   G   A   D 
Well gonna  D  write a little letter
Gonna  G mail it to my local D. D  J.
It's a  G  rocking little record
I want my jockey to  D  play
Roll  G  over Beethoven
I gotta  A hear it again to D  day
You know my  D  temperature's rising
And the  G jukebox's blows a  D  fuse
My  G  hearts beating rhythm
And my soul keeps singing the  D  blues
Roll  G  over Beethoven
And  A tell Tchaikovsky the  D  news
I got a  D  rocking pneumonia
I  G need a shot of rhythm and  D  blues ooh
I think I  G  got it off the writer
Sittin'down by the rhythm rev D  iew
Roll  G  over Beethoven
We're  A rockin'in two by t D  wo
Well if you  D  fell you like it
Well get your lover and  D  reel and rock it
Roll it over and  G  move on up
Just jump around and  D  reel and rock it
Roll it over
Roll  G  over Beethoven
A  A rocking in two by  D  two, ooh
Instrumental : D   G   D   G   D   G   A   D 
Well  D  early in the morning
I'm a  G  giving you the warning
Don't you  D  step on my blue suede shoes
 G  Hey little little Gonna play my fiddle
 D  Ain't got nothing to lose
Roll  G  over Beethoven
And  A tell Tchaikovsky the  D  news
You know she  D  winks like a glow worm
 G Dance like a spinning  D  top
She got a  G  crazy partner
Oughta see them reel an  D  rock
Long as  G  she's got a dime
The  A music will never  D  stop
Roll over Bee D thoven  Roll over Bee D  thoven
Roll over Bee G thoven  Roll over Bee D  thoven
Roll over Bee A thoven and  G dig these rhythm and  D blues  D 
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