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Intro : D/E   A   E  (x2)
 E   Well, you should  D see  A Polytheme  E  Pam
She's so good-l D ooking but sue  A looks like a E  man
Well, you should s G  ee her in a drag
Dressed in her  B  polytheme bag
Yes, you should s E ee P D olytheme P E  am.
 C Yeah, D  yeah E  , yeah
 D/E   A   E  (x2)
Get a dose of h D er in  A jackboots E  and kilt
She's killer  D diller when she's dr A essed to the E  hilt
She's the kind of a g G  irl
That make the News Of The Wo B  rld
Yes, you could s C ay s D he was at E  tractively built.
 C Yeah, D  yeah E  , yeah
 D/E   A   E    (x2)
 D     A   E    (x9)
 /E    D   A/Db   E 
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