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Paroles et musique : George Harrison
Capo I
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 G   D7   G   D 
 G Have you seen the  D7 little piggies  G crawling in the  D  dirt
 G And for all the  D7 little pigies  Em life is getting  A  worse
 Em7 Always having  A7 dirt, to  D play a D7 round  D  in
 G   D7   G   D 
 G Have you seen the  D7 bigger piggies  G in their starched white  D  shirts
 G You will find the  D7 bigger piggies  Em stirring up the  A  dirt
 Em7 Always have clean  A7 shirts, to  D play a D7 round  D  in
 G   D7   G   B7 
 Am In their sties with  B7  all their backing
 C They don't  G care what  D  goes on around
 Am In their eyes there's  B7  something lacking
 C What they need's a  D damn good whacking! D7 
 G Everywhere there's  D7 lots of piggies  G living piggy  D  lives
 G You can see them  D7 out for dinner  Em with their piggy  A  wives
 Em7 Clutching forks and  A7 knives, to  D eat their  D7 ba  c D  on
 G   D   Gm   D   Gm   D   A7   D 
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