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Capo III
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De G smond had a barrow in the mar D7 ket place,
Molly is the singer in a  G band.
Desmond says to  G7 Molly, girl I li C ke your face
And Molly  G says this as she t D7 akes him by the han G d.
Ob-la- G di, ob-la-da, life goes o Bm n      bra Em .
La  G la how the life D7  goes on. (r G epeat)
Des G mond takes a trolley to the jewe D7 ller's store,
buys a twenty carat golden  G ring.
Takes it back to  G7 Molly, waiting at C  the door
And as he  G gives it to her s D7 he begins to sin G g.
In NCa couple of year C s they have built a home sweet home  G 
witNCh a couple of kids C  running in the yard
Of  G Desmond and Molly J D7 ones.
Hap G py ever after in the mark D7 et place,
Desmond lets the children lend a  G hand.
Molly stays at  G7 home and does her pr C etty face
And in the  G evening she still s D7 ings it with the ban G d.
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