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This happened once bef C  ore
When I came to your d D7  oor
No re G6  ply...
They said it wasn't y C  ou
But I saw saw you peep th D7  rough
Your w G  indow.
I saw the l Em ight   Bm 
I saw the l Cmaj7 ight     Bm 
I know that you saw  Am7  me
'Cause I looked up to  D7  see
Your f G  ace.
I tried to teleph C  one
They said you weren't h D7  ome
That's a  G6  lie...
'Cause I know where you've b C  een
I saw you walk  D7  in
Your d C  oor.
I nearly d Em ied    Bm 
I nearly  Cmaj7 died     Bm 
'Cause you walked  Am7  hand in hand
With another  D7  man
In my pl G  ace.
If I were y G  ou
I'd  B7 realise that E  I
Love you m Am  ore
Than  C any other  G  guy
And I'll forg G  ive
The l B7 ies that E  I
Heard bef Am  ore
When you g C ave me no re G  ply.
I tried to telephone...
No re Em ply    Bm 
No re Cmaj7 ply.      G6/9(322233)
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