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Paroles et musique : Roy Lee Johnson
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Mister Moo-oonlight
 G  You came to me one Summer night
 C  And from your beam
You made me dr G  eam
 Em  And from the word
You sent my girl
 C  And from above
You sent us l G  ove.
 C  And now she is mine
 G I think you're  E  fine
Cause we l A ove you D , Mister Moo G  nlight.
 G Mister Moonlight, come again, p G  lease
 G  Here I am on my knees
Begging, if you pl G  ease.
 C  On the nights you don't come my way
 G I pray and pray for each  E  day.
'Cause we l A ove you D , Mister Moon G  light.
Instrumental : G ...
On the nights...
Mister Moonlight...
On the nights...
 G Mister Moonlight ! G  Mister Moonlight !
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