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 C Martha, my dear,  Em though I spend my days in con D  versation, please
Be good to  G me,  F Martha, my G  love, F  don't for G get  F me, Martha G  , my dear.
 Bm Hold your head up, you Em , silly girl D , look what you D/F# 've don D/G e      D/G# 
 A When you find yourself in the Em  thick of it
 A Help yourself to  Em a bit of what  F#m is all aro Bm  und you
 Bm You, silly  Em girl. Em7        Em       C      C(sus4)            C 
 Bm Take a good look  Em  around you
 Bm Take a good look  Em around to see tha A  t you and me
 G Were meant to be with eac Bm h other, you, sill Em y gir Em7 l.     Em       C      C(sus4)            C 
Hold your head up...
 C Martha, my dear, you hav Em e always been my in D  spiration, please
Be good to  G me,  F Martha, my G  dear, F  don't for G get  F me, Martha G  , my love.
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