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The Beatles menu

Paroles et musique : John Lennon, Paul McCartney
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Intro : B   A   E   B 
 B  Lovely Rit A a meter maid E   Lovely R B  ita meter maid
 E  Lovely Rit D a met A  er maid,
 E  Nothing can come b B  etween us.
 C#m  When it gets dark  F# I tow your hea B7  rt away.
 E  Standing by a A  parking meter,
 D  When I caught a G  glimpse of Rita,
 E  Filling in a ticket in he B7  r little white book.
 E  In a cap she A  looked much older,
 D  And the bag  G  across her shoulder
 E  Made her look a little like  B7  a military man.
Instrumental : E   C#m   F#m   B 
 E  Lovely Rit D a met A er mai E d,  May I inquir B  e discreetly,
 C#m  When are you free t F# o take some tea wi B  th me ?
 B(sus4)(X244452)Ah !...              B      B(sus2)(X24422)                   A      B 
Instrumental : E   D   A   E   B   C#m   F#   B   B 
 E  Took her out and A  tried to win her.
 D  Had a laugh and G  over dinner,
 E  Told her I would really like t B7  o see her again.
 E  Got the bill and A  Rita paid it.
 D  Took her home I G  nearly made it,
 E  Sitting on the sofa with  B7  a sister or two.
Instrumental : E   C#m   F#m   B 
Oh,  E lovely Rita D  mete A  r maid,
 E  Where would I be  B7  without you ?
 C#m  Give us a wink an F# d make me think o B  f you.
 B Lovely Rita A  meter maid  E  Lovely Ri B  ta meter maid
 B Lovely Rita A  meter maid  E  Lovely Ri B  ta meter maid
Finale : A(sus4)     Dm9 (X02231)  A(sus2) (X02200)  Am (répéter)
         Em11 (XX2233)  D6 (XXX777)  B (XXX877)  C 
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Dernière modification : 2012-04-05
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