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 G  You tell lies, thinking I can't see
You can't cry cause you're laughin'at me.
[Refrain :]
I'm down  C  (I'm really down)
I'm down  G  (Down on the ground)
I'm down  C  (I'm really down)
 D7 How can you laugh G    when you know I'm down ?
 D7 (How can you laug G  h)  When you know I'm down ?
 G  Man buys ring, woman throws it away
Same old thing happen every day.
We G  're all alone and there's nobody else
Still she'll moan : "Keep your hands to yourself"
Woo !
 C          G 
 D7   C    G     D7 
Ah, baby, you know I'm down
 G  (I'm really down) I guess I'm down
 G  (I'm really down) I'm down on the ground
 C  (I'm really down) Ah, baby, I'm upside down
 G  (I'm really down) I'm down
 C  Oh yeah, yeah G , yeah, yea D7  h, yeah, I'm down.
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