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Intro : G   Am7/D   G   Am7/D 
I've got  G every  Am7/D reason on earth G   t Am7/D o be mad   G      Am7/D          G      Am7/D 
Cos  G I just  Am7/D lost the on G -ly  Am7/D girl I had D7 
If I C7  __ could get my way
I'd  C7  get myself locked up today
But I can't G  Am7/D so I'll cry  D7  instead. G      Am7/D          G      Am7/D 
I got a ch G ip on my  Am7/D shoulder That's  G bigger tha Am7/D n my feet G      Am7/D          G      Am7/D 
I  G can't  Am7/D talk to peo G ple  Am7/D that I meet D7 
If  C7  I could see you now
I'd  C7  try to make you sad if somehow
But I c G an't, Am7/D       so I'll cry D7     instead G .    Am7/D          G 
Don' Am7/D t wanna  Bm  cry when there's people there
I get s A7  hy when they start to stare
I'm g D  onna hide myself away___
But  Em I'll come back ag A7 ain some day D7  .
And when I  G do you'd  Am7/D better hide G __   Am7/D all the girl G s    Am7/D          G      Am7/D 
I'm  G gonna  Am7/D break their hearts G  all  Am7/D 'round the world D 
Yes,  C7  I'm gonna break 'em in two
And  C7  show you what your lovin' man can do
Until the G n    Am7/D      I'll cry D7     instead G .    Am7/D          G 
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Dernière modification : 2016-04-01
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