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The Beatles menu

Musique : Carl L. Perkins
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 E  Well, how come you say you will when you won't
 C  Say you do, baby, when you don't
 E  Tell me, honey, how do you feel ?
 C  Tell me the truth : now, is love real ?
But  B ah-a, honey, don't,  E  well, honey, don't
 E Yeah, honey, don't, well, honey, don't, A  yeah, honey, don't
 B Say you will when you won't A , ah-a, honey E  , don't
 E  Well, I luv you, baby, and I want you to know
 C  I like the way you wear your clothes
 E  Everything about you is dog-gone sweet
 C  You got that sand all over your feet
 E  Well, I love you, baby, on a Saturday night
 C  Sunday morning it don't feel right
 E  You been out painting the town
 C  Ah-a, honey, been steppin'around
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