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 G They're gonna put me in the mo C  vies
Th G ey're gonna make A b D  ig star out of me
They'l G  l make A film about
A man that's s C  ad and lonely
an D d all I gotta do is Ac G  t Naturally.
Well  D I bet you I'm gonna be a big st G  ar
I mig D ht win an Oscar you can never t G  ell
The D  movies gonna make me a big st G  ar
'Co A s I can play the part so we D  ll.
We'll G  make A film about
A man that's sa C  d and lonely
And G  begging down upon h D  is bended knee
I'll p G  lay the part
But I won't need re C  hearsin'
Cos a G ll I gotta do C  is Act Natura G  lly.
Well I G  hope you come and se C  e me in the movies
th G en I know that you will plainly s D  ee
The  G biggest fool that ever hit the  C  big time
 D And all I gotta do is A G  ct Naturally.
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