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Intro : G   Bm   Em   Em7   C   C 
 G I read the  Bm news today, oh b Em oy, a C bout a l Em ucky man who ma Am de the grade   Cmaj7 
 G And thought the  Bm news were rather  Em sad,  C well I just F  had to laugh Em        E 
 C I saw the  F photograph   Em        Cmaj7 
 G He blew his m Bm ind out in a  Em car,  C he didn't Em  notice that t Am he lights had chang Cmaj7  ed
 G A crowd of  Bm people stood and  Em stared, C  they'd seen hi F s face before
 Em Nobody was really sure if E  he was from the House of L C ords
 G I saw a  Bm film today, oh Em  boy, C  the england Em  army had just Am  won the war  Cmaj7 
 G A crowd of p Bm eople turned aw Em ay, b C ut I just  F had to look
 Em Having r E ead the b C ook
I'd love to Bm  turn .. G . you ... o E n ...
 E Wake up, fell out of bed, dragged a combed across my h D ead
Found my wa E y downstairs and dra F#m7 nked a cup, and lo E oking up I no F#m7  ticed I was late
 E Grabbed my coat, and grabbed my hat, made the bus in seconds fl D at
Found my wa E y upstairs and ha F#m7 d a smoke, and som E ebody spoke and I went  F#m7  into a dream
 C Ahhhhh...  G      D      A    Ahh C hhh... G     D      A 
 G I read the  Bm news today, oh Em  boy, C  four thousand  Em holes in Blackburn  Am Lacanshire  Cmaj7 
 G And though the  Bm holes were rather Em  small, C  they had to  F count them all
 Em Now they know how many holes it ta E kes to fill the Albert  C Hall
I'd love to Bm  turn .. G . you ... on E  ...


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