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 F If you're evil and you're  A7  on the rise
 Bb you can count on the  C  four of us taking you down
 F Cause we're good and evil n A7  ever beats us
 Bb we'll win the fight and then go  C  out for pizzas
 F We are the crystal ge A7  ms
We'll always save the  Bb day and if you think we ca Bbm  n't
we'll always find a w F  ay
Thats why the people  A7 of this world bel Bb  ieve in
Garnet Ameth Bbm  yst and Pearl and Steven
 F If you could o E7 nly k Am  now
 C What we really a F  re
When we arr E7 ived on  Am  earth
 C From out beyond your s F  tar
We were amaz E7 ed to f Am  ind
 C Your beauty and your w F  orth
We will prote E7 ct your k Am  ind
And we will protect your  D  Earth
And we will protect your  B7  Earth
And we will protect y G  ou
 G I will fight for the  B7  place where I'm free
 C To live together and exist as Cm  me
 G I will fight in the  B7  name of Rose Quartz
 C And everything that she beli Cm  eved in
 G I will fight for the  B7  world I was made in
 C The Earth is every Cm  thing I've ever known
 G I will fight to be ev B7 erything that e C verybody  Cm wants me to be when I'm  G  grown
 G The odds are  G7 against us this won't be ea C  sy
but we're  Cm not going to do it al G  one
We are the Crystal G B7  ems
We'll always save the d C  ay
And if you think we ca Cm  n't
We'll always find a w G  ay
That's why the people  B7 of this world beli C  eve in
Garnet Ameth Cm yst and Pearl and ... G  Steven !
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