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 Cmaj7 Bright sunny day  Dm don't cost  E7  nothing
 Am Light summer breeze  A# don't cost  C7  nothing
 F What do I do with  Em all this  A7  money?
When the  Dm only thing I want is  G7  you
 Cmaj7 Palling around  Dm don't cost  E7  nothing
 Am Singing a song  A# don't cost  C7  nothing
 F How do I spend  Em all this  A7  money?
I'd  Dm rather just spend  G7 time with you Cmaj7 
You could buy a  A#maj7 house and a car C7 
I guess that I can Fmaj7  but I've already got a  Dm  van
I could put you through colleg Gm7  e
But I'm with the Gems all the time C7 
Or I could buy you  Fmaj7 all the finest courses on F7  line
What if we took a tr A#maj7  ip?
Do you think?
Yeah I d C7 o! We could take a vacati Fmaj7  on
We could  A7 go somewhere n A#maj7  ew
 Cmaj7 Tailor-made suits,  Dm those cost  E7  something
 Am Room with a view,  A# those cost  C7  something
 F  Dancing with you
 Em Don't cost  A7  nothing
 Dm Why'd we even come, we could've done this at  G7  home
 Cmaj7 Singing a song  Dm don't cost  E7  nothing
 Am Or was it palling around,  A# don't cost  C7  nothing
 F  Getting it wrong
 Em Don't cost  A7  nothing
I t Dm  ried
I'm surprised you remembered any of  G7  it
What can I say, it's catchy
 Cmaj7  It's over, isn't it?
 C7  It's over, isn't it?
 F It's over, isn't i G t...  Cmaj7 
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