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I was all righ G t  for awhile, I could smile for awhile.
But I saw you last night, you held my  G(aug) hand real tight,
As you stoppe C d to say " Cm Hello,"
Oh you wishe G d me well, you couldn't tell,    D7 
That I'd been  G Cry-ing ove Bm r you
 G Cry-ing ov Bm er you.
When  C you said, "So l D7 ong;" left me s C tanding all  D7 alone
Alone and c G rying.  C G(aug) rying.  Cryin C/G g  Cryi-in Cm g.
It's hard to under G stand, but the to D7 uch of your hand
Can start me crying.  G 
I thought that I,  G was over you, But it's true, oh so true.
I love you  G even more, than G(aug)  I did before, but  C darling what
can I  Cm do ?
For you d G on't love me and I'll always be  D7 
 G Cry-i-ing over  Bm you, Cry-i G -ing over yo Bm u.
 C Yes, now you'r D7 e gone, and fr C om this moment D7  on
I'll be cr G ying, c G(aug) rying, cryin C g, crying  Cm 
Yeah cry G -ing. Cry G -ing, ov-er  C you. D           G      C      G      C      G 
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