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Intro : G 
-| (4x)
 G   C   Bb   Bb 
 G  You say the hill's too steep to clim C b    Bb       Bb 
 G  Climb it C      Bb       Bb 
 G  You say you'd like to see me try C      Bb       Bb 
 G  Climbing  C      Bb       Bb 
 A  You pick the place and I'll choose the D  time
And I'll  G climb that hill in my C  own way
 G  Just wait awhile for the C  right day
 G  And as I rise above the C  tree line and the clouds
I'll look  D down hear the C  sound
Of the things you said to G  day
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 D6 (XX0402)  C    D6   C   D6   C 
   G   C   Bb   Bb 
   G   C   Bb   Bb 
 G  Fearlessly the idiot faced the crow C d    Bb       Bb 
 G  Smilin C g.   Bb       Bb 
 G  Merciless the magistrate turns roun C d    Bb       Bb 
 G  Frowning. C      Bb       Bb 
 A  And who's the fool who wears the D  crown ?
No  G doubt, In your C  own way
 G  And every day is the C  right day
 G  And as you rise above the C  fear-lines in his brow
You look d D own, hear the C  sound of the faces in th G  e crowd.
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