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 Dm My life is changin'in so  C many ways, I don't Bb  know who to trust  F  anymore
There's a  Dm shadow runnin' C through my days like a Bb  beggar goin'from door to Dm  door
I was  Dm thinkin'that maybe I'd  C get a maid, find a Bb  place nearby for her t F  o stay
 Dm Just someone to keep my Am7  house clean, fix m Bb y meals and g Dm  o away.
A  Dm mai  ___ C  aid Bb     A man needs  Dm7 a maid G .    F      Em7 
A  Dm mai ___ C  aid Bb       Dm 
Instrumental : G   F   Em7   F   C 
It's  Am hard  G to m F ake  Em that  Dm change when Am  life G  and F  lov Em e tur Dm n strange and  G  co D ld   Bb       F 
To  C give a love G , __ you got Bb ta liv F e a love C . To live a G  love, __ y Bb ou gotta F  be part of.
 C  When will I see you G  agai Bb n ?   Dm 
A  Dm while ago somewhere I don't know C  when I wa Bb s watching a movie with F  a friend.
 Dm I fell in love with the Am7  actress : she wa Bb s playin'a part that I could unde Dm  rstand
A  Dm mai ___ C  aid Bb     a man needs  Dm7 a maid G .    F      Em7 
A  Dm mai ___ C  aid Bb     a man needs  Dm  a maid,
 C When will I see you  G again  Bb ?     Dm    (tenu)
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