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 C Mr. McC D arthy killed the li G  ght
He didn't w F ake his lovely w C  ife
He left the k D ey inside the d G  oor
Woke on the wrong side of the bed
She can't remember what he said
But she sure knew what he had done
 A  Little choices in a
 F  A little town maybe a
 C Little man is ri G ght to be afra F  id
Biblic moralization
Identity frustration
Confused man cannot ruin his heart
So he m C ay be fu B cking h F er, but he's thi G nking about h C  im
Catherine McKinnon does exist
She likes to call herself a feminist
A crusader who fights the pain
But what she really hates is sex
Erotic images oppress
And debase women as a whole
Simple solutions create-
d by black and white thinking
Too bad the world don't work that way
Catherine should get busy porkin'
That dolt Andrea Dworkin
I think they need a good hard fuck
So she may be off her back, now she needs to get off ours
 C A little m B an sits al A  one
His s C exuali D ty's been carved in sto G  ne
 C He don't lo D  ve her
And s G he don't r D eally c C  are
 C Two victims o D f the black and w G  hite
Finale : G   B   C   A   G 
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