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Intro : E   B   E   B 
 E Turn away  B 
If you could get m C(dim) e a drink C#m 
Of water 'cause my l Am  ips are chapped and faded
Call my A E unt Marie  B 
Help her gather a C(dim) ll my thi C#m  ngs
And bury  Am  me in all my favorite colors
My s F#m isters and my bro A thers still   B 
I will n C(dim) ot kiss yo C#m u       Am 
'Cause the h F#m ardest part of th B is is leavin'you  E 
Now t E urn away   B 
'Cause I'm awful j C(dim) ust to se C#m  e
'Cause all my hair's abando Am  ned all my body
Oh my ago E ny   B 
Know that I will n C(dim) ever marr C#m  y
Baby, I'm just s Am  oggy from the chemo
But c F#m ountin'down the day A s to go   B 
It j C(dim) ust ain't li C#m  vin'
And I just h Am  ope you know
That i E  f you say
Goodb C(dim)  ye today
I'd C#m  ask you to be tru C# e      C#(aug)            C# 
'Cause the h F#m ardest part of th B is is leavin'you  C#m        C(aug)/C#              E/C#         E(b5)/C# 
'Cause the h F#m ardest part of th B is is leavin'you  E 
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