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Intro : Eb   Ebmaj7   Eb7   Cm/Eb   F(dim)/Eb   Ab7/Eb 
        Eb   Ebmaj7   Eb7   Cm/Eb   F(dim)/Eb   Ab7/Eb 
 Eb You and  Ab/Eb me are the  Eb  same
 Eb We don't know or  B(dim) care who' Eb7 s to bla Eb  me
But we  Cm know that whoe Ab ver holds the r Bb  eins
Nothing will  Cm  change
 C7(dim)/A Our cause has gone insan Bb  e
And these  Eb wars, they  Ab/Eb can't be  Eb  won
And these  B7(dim)/Eb wars, they can't be wo Eb  n
And do you  Cm want them to  Fm/Ab  go on
And on  Bb  and on?
Why  G/B split these  Cm  states
When there can  F/A be only  Bb  one?
And must we do as we're  Eb  told
Must we do as we're  Eb  told?
 Eb You and m B(dim) e fall in Eb7  line, Eb 
 Eb To be punished fo B(dim) r unprove Eb7 n crime Eb  s,
And we  Cm know that there's  Ab no one we  Bb  can trust.
Our  B(dim) ancient h Cm eroes, they are f C(dim)/A alling to dus Bb  t.
 Eb And these wars, they c B(dim) an't be w Eb7 on,    Eb 
 Eb Does anyone know or c B(dim) are how t Eb7 hey begu Eb  n?
They just  Cm promise to go  Ab  on
And on  Bb  and on
But  B(dim) soon they we  Cm  will see
There can  F be only  Bb  one
United  Eb  States!
United  Eb  States!
Euras Ab/Eb  ia!
 G/D  Sia!
 Gb/D  Sia!
 F/C  Sia!
Eura Ab/Eb  sia!
 G/D  Sia!
 Gb/Db  Sia!
 F/C  Sia!
Eura Gb  sia!
 F  Sia!
 E(sus4)  Sia!
 Dm  Sia!
(ollateral Damage -> Transition vers la Nocturne No 2 en Mib Majeur de Chopin)
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Dernière modification : 2019-06-07
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