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 C Pure hearts  Am  stumble
In m Dm y hands, they c G  rumble
 Am Fragi G le and C  stripped to t F  he core
 C I can't hurt G  you anym C  ore
Loved by numbers
You're losing life's wonder
Touch like strangers : detached
I can't feel you anymore
Refrain :
 C The  F suns G hine Am  trapped in ou F  r hearts
It could r C  ise again
But I F 'm l G ost, Am  crushed, cold, and c F  onfused
With n Dm o guiding l G ight left C  inside
You were my guiding light
Refrain :
When comfort and warmth can't be found
I still reach for you
But I'm lost, crushed, cold, and confused
With no guiding light left inside
You're my guiding light
You're my guiding light
When there's no guiding light left inside
When there's no guiding light in our lives
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