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 G   Who'd like to C  change th G  e world
 G   Who wants to C  shoot the G  curl
 D   Who gets to C  work fo G  r bread
 D   Who wants to C  get Em  ahead
 G   Who hands out C  equa G  l rights
 G   Who starts and C  ends tha G  t fight
 D   And not not C  rant an G  d rave
 D   Or C  end up  Em a slave   D 
 G   Who can make C  hard wo G  n gains
 G   Fall like the C  summe G  r rain
 D   Now every C  man mus G  t be
 D   What his C  life ca Em  n be
So  C don't D  call Em , me, t C he tune, I will wa G  lk away
Who want's to please everyone, who says it all can be done
Still sit up on that fence, no-one I've heard of yet
Don't call me baby, don't talk in maybes
Don't talk like has-beens, sing it like it should be
Who laughs at the nagging doubt, lying on a neon shroud
Just gotta touch someone, I want to be
So  C don't D  call Em , me, t C  he tune, I will walk away
Don't  D call, Em  me, th C  e tune, I will walk away
Don't  D call, Em  me, th C e tune, I will wal G  k away
 Am   C   D 
 Am   C   Am   C   D 
 Am   C   Am   C   D 
 Am   C   D 
 G    C   G    F 
 G    C   G 
 Am   C   Am   F 
 Am   C   D    F 
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