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 A  We don't have no plastic L.A. friends,
 G  Ain't on the edge of no popular trend,
 D Ain't never seen the inside of that magazine G A  Q.
We don't care if you're a lawyer, or a Texas oil man,
 G  Or some waitress bustin'ass in some liquor stand.
 D If you got soul we hang out with people just l A  ike you.
[Refrain :]
 A My hair's turnin'W Em  hite.
My neck's always been  D  Red.
My collar's still  A  Blue.
We've always been  G  here,
Just tryin'to sing the t D  ruth to you.
Guess, you can G  say,
We've always  D  been,
Red, White, and  A  Blue.
 A  Ride our own bikes to Sturgis and pay our own dues,
 G  Smokin'camels and drinkin'domestic brews.
 D If you want to know where i've been, just look at my  A  hands.
Yea A  h, I driven by the White House and spent some time in jail.
 G  Mamma cried but she still wouldn't pay my bail.
 D I ain't been no angel, but even God he under A  stands.
 A  My Daddy worked hard and so have I.
 G We paid our taxes and gave our lives, to  D  serve this great country
So what are they complainin'ab A  out.
Yea A  h we love our families, we love our kids.
 G  You know it's love that makes us all so rich.
 D  That's where we're at, if they don't like it they can just,
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