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 G     If I l D eave here t Em  omorrow,
 F     Would you s C till remembe D  r me
 G     For I must D  be traveli Em  n on now
 F     Cause theres too many C  places I've D  got to see
 G     If I s D tay her wit Em  h you girl
 F     Well things just  C couldnt be t D  he same
 G     Cause I'm as  D free as  Em  a bird now
 F     And this b C ird you'll never c D  hain
 F     And this C  bird you cannot D  chain
 F     And this C  bird you canno D  t chain
 F     Lord C  knows I cant D  change
 G Bye, bye,  D its been a  Em  sweet love.
 F Though this fee C ling I can't D  change.
 G But please don D 't take it  Em  badly,
 F 'Cause Lord knows I'm C  to blame.   D 
 G But, if I  D stayed here Em  with you girl,
 F Things just couldn't  C be the same. D 
 G Cause I'm as free D  as a bi Em  rd now,
 F And this bird  C you'll never chang D  e.
 F And this bir C d you can not ch D  ange.
 F Lord knows,  C I can't change. D 
 F Lord hel C p me, I can't D  change.
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