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 Am Take me  A4 away from Am  the city
 F Lead me to G  where I Am  can be on my own
 Am I wanted to see yo A4 u and know Am  that I have
 F I just want t G o be lef Am t alone
 G I'll always rememb C er your kind words
 Dm7 And I'mm still remember E  you E7 r name
 Am But I've seen you've ch F anging and turning
And G  I know that things jus Am t won't be the same
 G   F   C   G 
 C I reme G mber that s Am ummer in Dublin
 F And the Liffey a C s it stank like hell
 Dm And the young walk Am7 ing on Grafton Street
 Dm Everyone lo G oking so well
 C I was si G nging a son Am g I heard somewhere
 F Called Rock'n'Rol C l never forgets
 Dm When my humming w Am7 as smothered by a 46A
 Dm And the scream of th G e low flying jets
 C So I jumpe G d on a b Am us to Dungleary
 F Stopping off to pic C k up my guitar
 Dm When a drunk on the bu Am7 s told me how to get rich
 F I was glad  G we were Am n't going to far
 Am So I lea A4 ving on  Am Wednesday morning
 F And trying to f G ind a place Am  where I can hear
 Am The wind and the  A4 birds and the Am  sea and the rocks
 F And the op G en road  Am is always near
 G And if sometimes I C 'm tired of the quiet
 Dmaj7 And I want to walk back E  up  E7 that hill
 Am I'll just get on the ro F ad and I'll stick out my thumb
 G Cause I know for sure  Am you'll be there still
 G   F   C   G 
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