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Paroles et musique : Leonard Cohen
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Intro : E  (alternance entre accords et cordes à vide)
 E  I came upon a butcher
He w A  as slaughtering a lamb
 E  I accused him there
With his  B7  tortured lamb
He said, "L E  isten to me, child
 A  I am what I am
 E And you, y B7 ou are my only son."  A         E 
 E  Well, I found a silver needle
I pu A  t it into my arm
 E  It did some good
Did some B7  harm
But the nig E  hts were cold
 A  And it almost kept me warm
 E How come  B7 the night is long ?  A         E 
 E  I saw some flowers growing up
Wher A  e that lamb fell down
 E  Was I supposed to praise my Lord
Make som B7  e kind of joyful sound ?
He said, "L E  isten, listen to me now
 A  I go round and round
 E And you,  B7 you are my only chil A d."     E 
 E  Do not leave me now
Do n A  ot leave me now
 E  I'm broken down
From a re B7  cent fall
Blood upon  E  my body
 A  And ice upon my soul
 E Lead on,  B7 my son, it is your wo A rld     E 
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