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Paroles et musique : Leonard Cohen
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 C I ca G me by myself G7  to a ver F y crowded place C  ;
 G I was looking for so G7 meone who had l F ines in her fac C  e
I found her there C7  but she was p F  ast all concern;
I as C ked her to  F hold me, Em      Rm said "lady unfold me,"
Bu Em7 t she scor C ned me,and she to F  ld me
I was  G dead  G7. and I could never retu C  rn.
Well I argued all night like so many have before
Saying,"whatever you give me I seem to need so much more"
Then she pointed at me where I kneeled on her floor
She said "don't try to use me or slyly refuse me
Just win me or lose me, it is this that the darkness is for."9
I cried, "oh, lady midnight, I fear that you grow old,
Stars eat your body and the wind makes you cold."
"if we cry now," she said, "it will just be ignored."
So I walked through the morning,the sweet early morning
I could hear my lady calling, "You've won me, you've won me, my lord;"
"You've G  won me, you've G7  won me, my lor C  d;"
"Yes, you've won me, you've won me, my lord."
Ah, you've won me, you've won me, my lord,
Ah, you've won me, you've won me, my lord."
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