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Paroles et musique :Cohen Leonard
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 Bm Four o'clock in the afternoon, a Cm nd I di C#m dn't feel like very mutch.    A#m 
 Bm I said to my self, "where are you, golden boy, where's you Cm r fam C#m eous golden touch ?"    A#m 
 Bm I thought you knew where all of the ele Cm phant C#m s lie down,     A#m 
 Bm I thought you where the crownprince of all th Cm e whe C#m els in Iv'ry Town.     A#m 
 Bm Just take a look at your body no Bbm w, The Am re's nothing mutch to save.     A#m 
 Bm And a bitter voice in the mirror cries "H Bbm ey, Pr Am ince, you need a shave."    A#m 
 Bm Now if you can manage to get your tremblin Cm g fin C#m  gers to behave,
 A#m Why do Bm n't you try unwrapping a stainless steel  Cm razor C#m  blade ?
That's right, i Cm t's co Bm me to this. Yes, it' C#m s come Am  to this,     C 
 Bb And wasn't it a long  D way do G  wn ?
 Bb Ah wasn't it a s D trange way do G  wn ?
Ther's no hot water and the cold is running thin,
Well, what do you expect from the kind of places you've been living in ?
Don't drink from that cup, it's all caked up and cracked along the rim,
That's not electric light, my friend, that is your vision growing dim.
Cover up your face with soap, there, now you're Santa Claus,
And you got a gift for anyone who give you his applause.
I thougt you were a racing man, ah, but you couldn't take the pace.
That's a funeral in the mirror, and it's stopping at your face.
That's right, it's come to this.
Yes'it's come to this,
And wasn't it a long way down ?
Ah, wasn't it a strange way down ?
Once there was a path and girl with chestnut hair,
And you passed the summer picking all of the berries that grew there.
There were times she was a woman, there were times she was just a child,
And you held her in the shadow where the raspberries grow wild.
And you climbed the twilight mountains, and you sang about the view,
And ev'erywhere you wandered, love seemed to go along with you.
That's a hard one to remember, yes, it makes you clench your fist,
And the veins stand out like highways all along your wrist.
That's right, it's come to this.
Yes'it's come to this,
And wasn't it a long way down ?
Ah, wasn't it a strange way down ?
You can still find a job, go out and talk to a friend,
On the back of every magazine, there are those coupons you can sand.
Why don't you join the Rosicrucians ? They will give you back your hope,
You can find your love with diagrams on a plain brown envelope.
But you've used up all coupons, except the one that seems
To be written on you wrist. along with several thousand dreams.
Now Santa Claus comes forward, that's a razor in his mitt,
And he puts on his dark glases, and he
 C#m shows you where to hit.And then t Cm he ca Bm meras pan, the sta Am  nd-in stuntman,
 Bb dress in r D ehearsal ra G  g.
 Bb It's just the dress re D hearsal ra G  g,
 Bb You know this dress re D hearsal ra G  g,
 Bb It's just the dress re D hearsal ra G  g,


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