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 D#m  I used to be your favorite drunk,
Good for one more laugh
Then we both ran out of luck,
Luck was all we ever had
You p G#m  ut on a uniform
To fight the Civil War
You l A#7  ooked so good I didn't care
What side you're fighting for.
It wasn't all that easy
When you up and walked away
But I'll save that little story
For another rainy day
I know the burden's heavy
As you wheel it through the night
Some people say it's empty
But that don't mean it's light
 D#m  oohh...
You left me with the dishes
And a baby in the bath
You're tight with the militias
You wear their camouflage
You always said we're equal
So let me march with you
Just an extra in the sequel
To the old red white and blue
Baby don't ignore me
We were smokers we were friends
Forget that tired story
Of betrayal and revenge
I see the Ghost of Culture
With numbers on his wrist
Salute some new conclusion
Which all of us have missed
I cried for you this morning
And I'll cry for you again
But I'm not in charge of sorrow
So please don't ask me when
There may be wine and roses
And magnums of champagne
But we'll never no we'll never
Ever be that drunk again
 A#m   G#   D#m   C#/f   F# 
 F# Ok, the party's  C#  over
But I've  B landed on m Bm  y feet
 F# I'll be standing on this c C#  orner
Where  G#m there u A sed to be a stre D#m  et
So let's drink to when it's over
And let's drink to when we meet
I'll be standing on this corner
Where there used to be a street
The party's over...


Michel V, version 1.0



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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2014-11-11
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