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 C#m I've had a little bit too m B  uch
 C#m All of the people start to ru B  sh.
Start to rush babe.
 C#m  How does he twist the dance ?
 B  Can't find my drink or man.
 C#m Where are my keys, I lost my p B  hone.
 A What's go-ing out on the f C#m  loor ?
I love this record baby, but I can't see straight anymo A  re.
Keep it cool what's the name of this cl C#m  ub ?
I can't remember but it's alrigh B  t, alright.
Just da C#m nce. Gunna b A  e okay.
 Abm Da-doo-doo-d B  oo
Just danc C#m e. Spin that rec A  ord babe.
 F#m Da-doo-doo-do B  o
Just dan C#m ce. Gunna be A  okay.
 B Duh-duh-du Abm  h-duh
 C#m Dance. Dance. B  Dance. Ju C#m -just dance.   B 
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