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Intro : Dm 
 Dm Lady, I'm your k Gm night in shining ar C mour and I lov Dm  e you
You have m Gm ade me what I am an C d I am yours  Dm 
And m Dm y love, there's so  Gm many ways I w C ant to say I lo Dm  ve you
Let me h Gm old you in my arms for C ever more      Dm 
You have g Gm one and ma Am7 de me such a foo D4 l
 Bb   And  Am7 I'm so los D4 t in your love
And a Gm ll    Gm/A      w Bb e belong Am7  togethe D4 r
 Bb   Won't you bel Am7 ieve in my song   D 
Lady, for so many years I'd thought I'd never find you
You have come into my life and made me whole
Forever let me wake to see you each and every morning
Let me hear you whisper softly in my ear
In my e Gm yes I see no Am7  one els D4 e but you
 Bb Theee Am7 ere's no other lo D4 ve like our love
And y Gm es, oh yes I'll al Am7 ways want you  D4 near me
 Bb   I've waited for y Am7 ou for so lo D4 ng       D 
And l Bb ady,    Am7  your love's the onl F y love Am7  I need    Dm       C 
And bes Bb ide me    Am7  is where     F I want Am7  you to be    Dm       C 
'Cause m Bb y love    Am7  there is something     F I want  Am7 you to know    Dm       C 
You're the l Bb ove of Am7   my  Gm life,  y Bb6 ou're my lady    Dm       Gm       C      Dm 
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