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 Gm And if you Cm  wed anothe Eb r I wou D ld have Gm  to kill you
Both in  Cm bed my lover Eb  I woul D d rath Gm  er see you
Dead and  Cm under covers Eb  than i D n front of t Gm  he world
Exposing  Cm for all other Eb  skins i D  n which I curled
 Gm I would be your Cm  indian lover
 Gm I would be your Cm  indian lover
 Gm I would be your Cm  indian love Gm r boy Cm 
 D Feel my jo Gm y     Cm 
 Gm And if yo Cm u touch a man Eb  that D  you can ful Gm  ly expect
I will Cm  abort my pla Eb n to  D woo you so c Gm  ircumspect
I'll c Cm ross the gate Eb s of  D hell and sel Gm  l what is left then of my soul
And in Cm  exchange I'l Eb l lay D  away my dyi Gm  ng role
 D Ascetic discipline and caked in mud I would Eb  go down in the river wading in
controlling the  D flood not even a stitch on me nowhere no leather on my Eb  back until
I knew which one was better the love or the  D  lacking...
And if you go at last and leave me here I would
Slowly run the gas entombed and then invisible
And fingering the match I'll strike one mortal final blow
For every fool dispatched I'll retire in my pyring inferno oh oh...
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