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Intro : G   Bm   C    Am 
        G   Am   Bm   C 
 G Welcome Bm  to my C  world, won't you Am  please find a seat
 G There's no Am  need to hurr Bm y I'm the on C  ly one to meet
I just wanted to express myself to you
Hey undiluted and with nobody else to confuse
See I was Marvin Gaye and Bond, James Bond, I was
Taking all day so I could turn you on, and I
I hated when you looked away when
I was inside and slowly getting to it
You would turn around and I was on the top
and you would say "Baby you can do it"
 G I'm  Am sorry n Bm ow, it C  's too late
 G I'm  Am sorry n Bm ow, do y C ou have  G  to hate me
I'm s Am orry no Bm w, so sor Am ry, I wish y C ou wis D h I wish  G  you love
I w Am ish you  C wish I D  wish yo G  u love
I hate spaghettis and I also hate divorce
You probably already now that by then of course
I like the earthquakes, I like it when the world
shakes I like the cracks it takes
Out of the wall when two people are acting
like dolls in the arms of each others that's my alarm...
 D Life is so un F kind, D  You can fall  D  behind
 D You know that F  I'm encline to A  ease your mi E  nd anytime
So, welcome baby I wonder when your contenance would change
From sunshine and vanilla to the raven tones of rage
And my back never looked so broad to you
As now we turn upon the fools who spurred me woo woo woo...
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Dernière modification : 2011-12-18
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