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Intro : G 
I G  met a gin soaked, bar-room queen in M C emphis,
S G he tried to take me u A pstairs for a ri D de.
S G he had to leave me right across her s C houlder
' G Cause I just can't seem to d D rink you off my mi G nd.
I G t's a Hon...H D tonk wo G men
G G immye, gimme, g D imme the honky tonk bl G ues.
I G  laid a divorse in New York C C ity
I G  had to put un some k A ind of a fi D ght
T G he lady then she covered me with r C oses,
S G he blew my nose and t D hen she blew my mi G nd
Refrain (x2)
Instrumental : G   G   C   C 
               G   A   D   D 
               G   G   C   C 
               G   D   G   G 
Refrain (x3)
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