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Well  G life on the farm is kinda laid  C  back
Ain't  G much an old country boy like  D me can't  G  hack
It's  G early to rise, early in the  C  sack
Thank  G God I'm a  D country  G  boy
Well a  G simple kinda life never did me no  C  harm
A  G raisin' me a family and  D workin' on a  G  farm
My  G days are all filled with an easy country  C  charm
Thank  G God I'm a  D country  G  boy
Well I  D got me a fine wife,  C  I got me a fiddle
When the  D sun's comin' up I got  C  cakes on the griddle
 G Life ain't nothin' but a funny, funny  C  riddle
Thank  G  God I'm a country boy
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