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Paroles :Claude Lemesle
Musique :Joe Dassin
Capo I
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Intro : Bm   F#m(x4)
He  Bm sits all a F#m lone,  Bm playing his gui F#m  tar
 Bm In the  F#m back of a  Bm small ca F#m 
No  Bm one seems to  F#m hear so he  Bm closes his  F#m  eyes
 G Just lets the  D music  F#m take him a Bm  way
 G Singing songs of  D love,  G songs of broken  F#7  hearts
He's  Bm worn out his  E luck and his  Bm last pair of  E  jeans
But you  Bm keep going  E on when you're  Bm living on  E  dreams
You can  G feel it in D side and the  F#7 guitar don't  Bm lie   F#m        Bm       F#m 
There's a  Bm lady he  F#m knows, who  Bm often comes  F#m  by
 Bm She's a nice F#m  little girl a Bm nd she's heavily into t F#m  he blues
She  Bm requests the  F#m same song  Bm every  F#m  night
 G Says it re D minds her of  F# someone she  Bm knew  F#m        Bm       F#m 
A  G trace of her per D fume  G floats across the  F#7  room
 Bm Once they were  E close,  Bm shared all their  E  dreams
But now  Bm all that he  E feels is a  Bm physical  E  thing
They grow  G slowly a D part and the  F#7 guitar don't  Bm lie   F#m 
Some  Bm nights it gets  F#m cold, it  Bm makes him a F#m  ware
 Bm The time's F#m  moving on an Bm d it's slippi F#m  ng away
 Bm If you look  F#m close at his  Bm dark curly  F#m  hair
 G Under the  D lights there's  F#7 traces of g Bm  rey
But he  G knows what it's  D all a G bout, to feel down and  F#7  out
He's  Bm been there be E fore,  Bm he's seen it  E  all
And you  Bm learn to sur E vive with your  Bm back to the  E  wall
It's a  G crazy old  D life and the  F#7 guitar don't  Bm  lie,
 F#7 The guitar don't l Bm ie .. F#m .      Bm       F#m        Bm       F#m        Bm 


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