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Well, I Em  'll be damned
Here comes your gh C  ost again
But that's not un G  usual
It's just that the m D  oon is full
And you happened to c Em  all.
Here I sit
Hand on the te C  lephone
Hearing a voice  G  I'd known
A couple of light y D  ears ago
Heading straight for a f Em  all.
As  Em  I remember your eyes
Were bluer than  C  robin's eggs.
My poetry was l G  ousy, you said.
Where are you  D  calling from ?
A booth in the Midw Em  est.
Ten years ago
I bought you some c C  uff links.
You brought me s G  omething.
We both know what memor D  ies can bring
They bring diamonds and r Em  ust.
Well,  Em  you burst on the scene
Already a legend.
The unwashed phe G  nomenon
The original  D  vagabond
You strayed into my a Em  rms.
And there you stayed
Temporarily l C  ost at sea.
The Madonna was yours f G  or free.
Yes, the girl on the half-sh D  ell
Would keep you unh Em  armed.
Now I  Bm7  see you standing
With brown leaves falling
All around
And snow in your h Am  air.
Now you're  Bm7  smiling
Out the window
Of that crummy hotel
Over Washington S Am  quare.
Our br C  eath comes out
White clouds
Mingles, and hangs in the a G  ir.
Speaking s Fmaj7  trictly for me
We both could have died then and th G  ere.
Now you're  Em  telling me you're not nostalgic
Then give me another w G  ord for it
You who are so g D  ood with words
And at keeping things v Em  ague.
Because I need some of that vagueness now
It's all come back too c C  learly.
Yes, I loves you dear G  ly
And if you're offering me
Diam D onds and  Em  rust.
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