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Paroles et musique : James V Taylor
Capo II
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Intro : A2   F#7/4   Bm11   E7/4   A2   F#7/4   D   A/D   Bm11   E7 
 A2 Watch my back and  A2/G# light my F#7/4  way (my Bm11  traveling star, E7/4  my trav E7 eling st A2 ar).
Watch over all of those born St. Ch A2/G# ristophe F#7/4 r's Day ( Bm11 old road dog, E7/4  young run F7(dim)  away).
 F#7/4 They hunger for home but they c Em9 annot sta A7  y,
 Dmaj7 they wait by the do G9 or, they stand and they sta F#m7  re.
They' F#7/4 re already out of  B7 there E7/4 , they're already out of t E7 here. A2 
My daddy used to ride the rails (so they say, so they say).
Soft as smoke and as tough as nails (Boxcar Jones, old walking man).
Coming back home was like going to jail.
The sheets and the blankets and babies and all,
no, h F#7/4 e never did come ba B7 ck ho E7/4 me, neve A r that  F(dim)  I recall.
Ne F#m7 ver min C#11 d the wind F#m7 , never mind C#11  the rain,
 Dmaj9 never mind  E the road leadin A g home a E/G# gain.        F#m7 
Nev F7(b5) er asking w Em9 hy, never kno A7 wing  Dmaj7  when,
ev C#m7 ery now an Bm11 d then, ther E e he goes aga A     (reprendre l'intro) 
She had a cat and a dog named Blue (my traveling star, my traveling star).
A big old stove and a fireplace, too (old road dog, young runaway).
She told me loved me like it was true.
I knew I should stay, I knew I would go.
Run, run, run away. Run, run, run away, boy.
Run before the wind, run before the rain, over yonder hill, just around the bend.
Never knowing why, never knowing when, every now and then, there you go again.
Tie me up and hold me down (oh, my traveling star).
Bury my feet down in the ground (oh, old road dog).
Claim my name from the lost and found and let me believe this is where I belong.
Shame on me for sure for one more highway song.
My traveling star, my traveling star...
Accords :
F#7/4   : 202220
Bm11    : 020220
E7/4    : 020200
F7(dim) : 1x010
Em9     : 0x4030
C#11    : x4444x
G9      : x00220
F7(b5)  : 10120
Dmaj9   : 3x0201
Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2012-09-07
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