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Paroles : Ronald Samuel Miller
Musique : Jackson Browne
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 E well, she was standing  A at the load B  in, when the E  truc A ks r E  olled up
 A She was sniffing all around like a half-grow E n fema A le p E  up
 A She wasn't hard to talk to, looked like she  E had no where to C#m  go
 E So I gave her a pass so she  A could get in B  and see E  the s A how  E 
 E Well, I sat her down right A  next to m B e and I g E ot her A  a b E  eer
 A While I mixed that sound on the stage so the ban E d coul A d he E  ar
 A The more I watched her watch them play,
the l E ess I thought of to C#m  say
 E and when they walked offstag A e, the drum B mer sw E ept th A at g E  irl away
 A but Rosie yo E ur alright (you wear  A  my ring)
 A when you hol E d me tight (Rosie, that's A  my thing)
 A when you turn ou E t the lights (I got to hand  C#m  it to me)
 A Looks like it's me and you again tonight,  A Rosi E e    E      B      A      E      B      A 
 E Well I guess I might've known f A rom the start,
she'd come E  for  A a st E  ar
 A Could've told my imagination not to E  run to A o fa E r    A 
 E with all the times th C#m  at I've been burned, by now you'd think
I'd  l C#m  earned
 E that it's who you  A look  B like, no E t who E  you A  are
(repeat Chorus)
 A Rosi E e    B      A 
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