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Capo I
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 G  Ma jolie how do you do?
Mon nom est Je D an Guy Thibault Ler G  oux
 G  I come from east of Gatineau,
My name is Je D an Guy ma jol G  ie
J'ai une mais D on à Lafonta D7  ine,
Where we can l G  ive if you marry me
Une belle mais D on à Lafonta D7  ine,
Where we will l Em ive you and m C  e
Oh Loui G  se
Ma j C olie Lo G  uise
Ma  D jolie L G  ouise
Tous les matins au soleil
I will work till work is done
Tous les matins au soleil
I didi work till work was done
And one day the foreman said Jean Guy
We must let you go
Et puis mon nom est pas bon
At the mill anymore
Oh Louise
I'm losing my headm
I'm losing my head
My kids are small four and three
Et la bouteille she's mon amie
I drink the rum till I can't see,
it hides the shame Louise does not see
A carousel turns in my head
And I can't hide oh no no no no
And the rage turned in my head
And LouiseI struck her down
Down on the ground
I'm losing my mind,
I'm losing my mind
En septembre soixante trios
Kids are gone and so is Louise
Ontario they did go
Near la ville de Toronto
Now my tears they roll down,
Tous les jours uh uh uh uh uh
And I remenber the days
And the promises that we made
Oh Louise ma jolie Louise,
Ma jolie Louise
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