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Intro : G 
Well there ain't no point in moving on
Until G(sus4)  you've got somewhere to go
And the  G  road that I have walked upon
Well  G(sus4)  it filled my pockets
And emptied out my G  soul
 G(sus4)   G   G(sus4) 
 G  All those insecurities,
That have  G(sus4)  held me down for so long,
Can't  G  say I've found a cure for these,
But at  G(sus4)  least I know them, so they're not so strong,
You  D  look for your dreams in heaven,
But what the  C  hell are you supposed to do,
When they come G  true?
 G(sus4)   G   G(sus4) 
 G Well there's one year of my life in these  G(sus4)  songs,
And some of them are  G about you  G(sus4) 
Now I  G know there's no way I can right those G(sus4)  wrongs
Believe me   G 
I would not lie you've hurt my  G(sus4)  pride
And I guess there's a road with D  out you
But you once said
There's a  C  way back for every man
So here I am G      G(sus4) 
Don't people change, here I am G 
Is it too  G(sus4)  late to try again
Here I  G  am
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