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 G I'd say love was a m D agical thing   G 
I'd say love would k D eep us from  G  pain
Had I  Am been there, had I  G  been there
 G I would promise you a D ll of my l G  ife
 G But to lose you would  D  cut like a knife
So I  Am don't dare, no I d G  on't dare
'Cause I've  G never come close in  D all of these  G  years
 G You are the only one to  D stop my  G  tears
And  Am I'm so scared, I'm so s G  cared
Instrumental : G   D   G   G   G   D   G   Am   G 
Take G  me back in time maybe  D  I can forget
 G Turn a different corner and we  D never would  G have met Am 
Would you c G  are?
 G I don't understand it, for  D you it's a G  breeze
 G Little by little, you've  D brought me G  to my  Am knees   G 
Don't you care?
No, I've  G never come close in  D all of these y G  ears
 G You are the only one to  D stop my  G  tears
 Am I'm so scared of this  G  love
And if a G ll that there is, is this  D fear of being  G  used
 G I should go back to being  D lonely and con G fused   Am 
If I  G could, I would, I s G  wear
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