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Lady D  Willpowe Em r, it's now o D  r never,
Give your l A ove to me and  Bm  I'll shower
 C Your heart wit Bm h tend A erness endl G  essly.
 D I know you want to see me Em  but you're afraid
 D Of what I have on my  Em mind. Gbm        G 
One thing you can be sure  Gm  of
I'll take care of your love
 D If you will  A let me give you Bb  mine.
 D Did no one ever tell yo Em  u the facts of life ?
 D Well, there's so much you have to Em  lear Gbm n.     G 
And I would gladly teach you
 Gm  If I could only reach you
 D And get you A r lovin'in r Bb  eturn.
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