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Everybody  Am  knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody  F  rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody  Am  knows that the war is over
Everybody  F  knows the good guys lost
Everybody  Dm knows the fight was E  fixed
The poor stay  G poor, the rich get Am  rich
That's how it  A#(688766)goes          E 
Everybody  Am  knows
Everybody  Am  knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody  F  knows that the captain lied
Everybody  Am  got this broken feeling
Like their  F  father or their dog just died
Everybody  Dm talking to their E  pockets
Everybody  G wants a box of choc Am  olates
And a long stem  A# rose  E 
Everybody  Am  knows
Everybody  Am  knows that you love me baby
Everybody  F  knows that you really do
Everybody  Am  knows that you've been faithful
Ah  F  give or take a night or two
Everybody  Dm knows you've been di E  screet
But there were so  G many people you just had to Am  meet
Without your  A# clothes  E 
Everybody  Am  knows


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