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 C  Silent night, holy night
 G All is calm, al C  l is bright
 F Round yon Virgin Moth C  er and Child
 F Holy Infant so ten C  der and mild
 G Sleep in h G7 eavenly pe C  ace
 C Sleep in he G7 avenly pe C  ace
 C  Silent night, holy night !
 G Shepherds quake a C  t the sight
 F Glories stream from h C  eaven afar
 F Heavenly hosts sing Al C  leluia !
 G Christ, the S G7 aviour is bo C  rn
 C Christ, the Sa G7 viour is bo C  rn
 C  Silent night, holy night
 G Son of God, lo C  ve's pure light
 F Radiant beams from Thy h C  oly face
 F With the dawn of redee C  ming grace
 G Jesus, Lord, G7  at Thy  C  birth
 C Jesus, Lord,  G7 at Thy C  birth
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