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Intro : Am   Am   F   C 
 Am You dont remember me but F  I  remember C  you  C/B 
 Am I lie awake and try so h F ard not to think of C  you   C/B 
But  Am who can decide what they dre F am? And dream i  C do    C/B 
I Am  believe G  in yo F u.    I' Am d give up e Em verythin F g just to find y Am  ou
I have to b G e with yo F u to li Am ve, to breath, your t Em aking o F ver m Am  e
 Am Have you forgotten all I k F now and all we C  had? C/B 
 Am You saw me mourning my  F love for you and touched my h C and  C/B 
 F    I knew you loved me then
I  F look in the mirror and see your f Am  ace, If I look deep enough
 F So many  things inside that are j E  ust like you  are taking over.
Finale : Am   G   F 
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