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 G He had white  D  horses
And  G ladies by the s D  core
 G All dressed i D  n satin
And w G aiting by the  D  door...
 Am Oooh, what  G a lucky man h D  e was (Bis)
Wh G ite lace and  D  feathers
 G They made up his D  bed
Of g G old-covered D  matress
On wh G ich he was  D  laid.
 G He went to fight  D  wars
For his c G ountry and his  D  king
Of his  G honour and his  D  glory
The p G eople would  D  sing :
A  G bullet had f D  ound him
His bl G ood ran as he c D  ried
No  G money could  D  save him
So he l G aid down and he  D  died.
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